Companies we work with

A New Sweden makes uncompromisingly accountable clothing in Sweden, entirely from Swedish materials.

Artby is a progressive art brand that challenges the exclusionary structures of the traditional art market and brings new values to the design and lifestyle market.

Design by Björk designs wheelchair-bound clothing with sustainability in focus. The trousers are of high quality and have a stylish design with smart placement of pockets.

Lotta Lampa is a designer and artist from the very north of Sweden. She’s the opposite to the minimalistic Scandinavian design. She’s color, patterns, raw material and lots of energy. 

Natural Deo emerged after difficulties in finding a functioning organic deodorant without aluminum. Naturlig Deo has today about 200 retailers in Sweden and also retailers abroad.

Idas Keramik sells handmade pottery with Swedish design. When you want something sustainable with great shapes.

C/o Gerd offers organic cosmetics from Swedish Lapland.

Risfjells Sameslöjd offers Sámi handicraft and wants to spread the knowledge about the Lappish,Sámi culture in different ways.

Sigr makes cycling clothing inspired by the elegance of nature and that look great at the coffee shop.

Style of Norrland makes clothes designed in Norrland with nature, culture and people as inspiration – in a part of the world where the colors and contrasts are strong.

Katarina Spik Skum from Jokkmokk, Northern Sweden makes Sámi handicraft.

The Pattern Landscape is a design collaboration between Kajsa Nilsson, graphic designer, and Jenny Gruffman, textile designer.

Erica Huuva designs and makes jewelery with Sámi aesthetics and modern elegance. 

Monica L Edmondson is a glass artist that has distinguished herself with the murrini technique. 

Sanna Nilsson is a jewelry designer who designs and manufactures nature-inspired jewelry

Akenberg is a Swedish design house that offers luxury sunglasses with timeless quality and sustainable materials.

Viktoria Melinder is a textile designer and artisan that makes textiles for private homes and public environments. 

Hikki sells designed outdoor products such as wood-burning bathtubs, fire baskets and other products in durable materials for your patio and garden.

Humlebäck Ceramics & Fine Furniture focuses on genuine craftsmanship and creates products that define nordic design.

Idunn Wine make world-class wine made from wild berries that is climate-smart and has a low environmental impact.

Catharina Carlsson is a modiste that creates unique and colorful hats. 

Kero is a family company that has tanned and manufactured leather by hand in Sattajärvi, Swedish Lapland, since 1929.

Stoorstålka offers Sámi design and Sámi products. Both traditional and more modern.

Sámi and Nordic design of jewelry, necklaces, earrings rings, bracelets and candlesticks.

Vemödalen Boots designs handmade Goodyear welted boots that you can use everywhere and whenever.

Lotta Kvist from Öjebyn is a potter with a love for hares and over dimensioned bowl

Malin i Ratan makes handmade organic soaps that is good for you and the environment.

Wyilda af Norden makes beautiful high quality scarf for women that refuses to compromise. 


Ida Björses is a designer with an ambition that lies in creating spaces for health and well-being.
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