During 2019-2021 Arctic Design of Sweden will arrange five showrooms all over the world. Last year the project visited Copenhagen and New York and during 2020 a showroom will be arranged in Oslo and in Paris during Paris Design Week (that will take place first week in September). 

Designers connected to Arctic Design of Sweden are carefully selected and comes from different branches such as fashion, interior, pottery, furniture, food and beauty. For each showroom that Arctic Design of Sweden organizes, an exhibition catalogue is produced that includes beautiful styled pictures of the products and interviews with all the participating companies. The project is financed by European regional development fund, Region Västerbotten, Skellefteå municipality and Region Norrbotten. 


Copenhagen 2019
During the 2019 edition of the Danish design festival 3 Days of Design, Arctic Design of Sweden arranged a showroom at Sweden’s residence in Copenhagen. The exhibition showed, among other things, art prints, Sami crafts and cycling gear. During the week in the Danish capital, an exhibition was also arranged inside Illum Bolighus. In total, 16 companies participated from Norrbotten and Västerbotten. The distribution between the two regions was equal. Below you can see some pictures from our exhibitions, photographed by Kristofer Johnsson/LINKDECO.


New York 2019
Arctic Design of Sweden visited New York at the end of November to arrange a showroom at The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. A total of 16 companies came along (nine companies were new while seven companies also participated in Copenhagen). During our week in New York, the companies that came along attended seminars and workshops and they also had business meetings together with mingle events organized by the project and The Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. Several of the companies that came along have already managed to do business in New York.


Oslo and Paris 2020
Due to the evolution of the Covid-19 virus and increasing concerns, we have decided to postpone our visit to Oslo until autumn 2020. We have also decided to postpone our application period for Paris, it will now open on April 15 at 12.00 and close at May 15 at 12.00. Our ambition is still to arrange a showroom at the Swedish Institute during Paris Design Week (the exhibition will take place during 3-6 September, 2020) as the design week is still planned and at present there are no plans to change the date for it. We are of course kept up to date with the situation and have continuous contact with the staff at the Swedish Institute in Paris.