Scandinavian Designers to NYC

On November 19th, sixteen Swedish design companies are coming to NYC. Arctic Design of Sweden has gathered a group of unique, quality conscious designers from northern Sweden, whose works will be displayed at Gateway, the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce’s innovation Hub in New York City.

Since its inception in the early 20th century, Scandinavian design has had a strong influence in many parts of the world. And in the last few years, the region of Northern Sweden has really shown the way. Northern Sweden has deep rooted traditions, a good knowledge of local materials and a flair for design – one that extends to various manufacturing processes, as well as sustainable thinking.

Arctic Design of Sweden comprises designers and brands of art, unique individual objects, outdoor bathtubs and sturdy boots alongside an array of designs, colors, textiles and clothing, and aims to make them more available on the international market. A mix of contemporary designs and handicrafts – all suitable for the urban sustainable lifestyle.

– Designers from northern Sweden tend to have a focus on sustainability. In New York, we are gathering 16 of them, all associated with minimalism, clean lines and a passion for the material, says Stina Berglund, Project Manager, Arctic Design of Sweden.

On November 19th, the designers arrive in New York City, where their products will be exhibited at Gateway. In the showroom, you will find unique Scandinavian designs such as pottery, furniture, clothing and accessories. The designers will remain until November 22nd and take part in business meetings and the Swedish Sustainable Fashion Forum at Gateway, in collaboration with The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce, on November 21st.

Designers: Akenberg, Artby, C/O Gerd, Catharina Carlsson Design, Duodje by KSS, Erica Huuva, Hikki, Humlebäck, Idunn Wine, Lotta Lampa, Monica L. Edmondsson, Sigr, Style of Norrland, The Pattern Landscape, Vemødalen boots and Wyilda af Norden.

Stina Berglund
Project Manager,
Arctic Design of Sweden

900 Third Avenue, 29th Floor New York, NY 10022 

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