Arctic Design of Sweden is a platform which attracts unique, high-quality design from northern Sweden. Our mission is to support design companies with ambitions to establish themselves on the international market. This is done by marketing, events, networking and showrooms around the world. All the companies are from the Arctic region of Sweden.

In 2019 we arranged showrooms in Copenhagen and New York and we have also planned for a showroom in Oslo in April this year. Due to the pandemic our Norwegian visit was first postponed until October and for now we are hoping to visit Oslo in march next year instead.

Our planned showroom at the Swedish Institute in Paris during Paris Design Week was cancelled. We are working on a plan B so that the selected companies will be exposed in other design forums but we don’t know when or where at the moment.

We still believe and hope that we will be able to arrange a showroom in Toronto during spring 2021 or maybe in Sweden. 

Please visit our social media to keep you updated!